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On October 12, 1970, Mr. Cowan opened a law office as a sole practitioner and obtained a job as a part-time deputy prosecutor. As deputy prosecutor, he learned valuable skills at an early age and developed confidence in dealing with attorneys who are adversaries in various cases. With the part-time practice of law, he learned that the best source of new clients is from producing.

Satisfactory results on a timely basis to existing clients. Representing individuals with undivided loyalty, unquestioned integrity and undying hard work resulted in more and more clients coming to him for advice.

In 1974, Indiana attorney Gerald Cowan resigned from his deputy prosecutor position and devoted full-time thereafter to the practice of law. As his clientele continued to grow, he began to narrow the areas in which he conducted his practice. As a result, today his practice is devoted almost exclusively to personal injury and car accident clients with significant damages and high net-worth will contest, trust contest and inheritance disputes.

He has found that after 34 years, with hard work comes the privilege of accepting only the clients who need attorney representation in major cases and wish an experienced Indiana accident and injury lawyer at their side. In his biography, which is included as a part of this web site, you will see that he is a published writer, former instructor of students, adults and even other attorneys. With hard work and undivided loyalty comes recognition from various lawyer rating services as well as from his fellow lawyers.

Law Offices of Gerald L. Cowan

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. The purpose of this web site is to help you choose the right lawyer for your case. Gerald L. Cowan has practiced law for more than 34 years and actively represents injured victims and individuals involved in will, trust, and inheritance disputes.

In each case, carefully selected co-counsel is added to the team. The co-counsel will have represented clients in the same or similar type cases to yours and will assist the Law Offices of Gerald L. Cowan in protecting your rights and, if necessary assisting in preparing your case for trial. With the use of carefully selected co-counsel, the Law Offices of Gerald L. Cowan strives to give you the highest quality representation and equips itself to practice not only in all parts of Indiana, but also all parts of the United States.

In every case, mediation rather than trial is pursued in an effort to bring about a fair result. The advantage of mediation is that cases are often settled in a few months, rather than a few years, as is often the case with trial.