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When clients enlist Monty L. Cain to handle their case, they retain the services of a lawyer who is willing to put in the extra effort to ensure success.

“I’m motivated to help my clients,” he says. “I enjoy the challenge of being able to do that and maximizing their recovery.”

Cain has been working on behalf of injured Oklahomans since 1995, after receiving his J.D. from Oklahoma City University School of Law. After working for a number of years in a different firm, he created the Cain Law Office in 2011 with a commitment to provide excellent service to his clients.

“We treat the small cases just like the big ones as best we can,” he says. “We try to make sure, first and foremost, that they get the treatment they need so they can get better. Then we aggressively investigate their injuries to make sure we cover everything, get them the experts who can develop their future damages, and try to get the maximum we can for them.”

“We’re very willing to file lawsuits if we need to do that. If we don’t get a fair sum, we’re prepared to litigate it.”

Cain’s practice covers a range of personal injury categories — motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice — but he has maintained a particular concentration on trucking accidents.

Trucking accidents are usually far more complex than car accidents and require an attorney with significant experience to handle them properly. Mr. Cain points out, for example, the importance of preserving trucking company data and driver documents. “They’ll try to not turn over things,” he says. “So, number one, you’ve got to know what to ask for, and, number two, if they try to stiff arm you, you’ve got to have the resources to go file the motions and battle them to turn over the discovery for it.”

“There are a lot of rules to know and a lot of things to look for,” he says. Truck accident cases are “a lot more document-intensive. For the normal personal injury lawyer who doesn’t do trucking cases every day, they don’t know all this stuff.”

Cain has secured numerous six-figure and even seven-figure results for his clients in all kinds of personal injury cases. These successes have improved the lives of many Oklahomans, and for Cain, they have helped him to develop a massive resource base that he can employ to maximize future case outcomes.

“We’ve got the resources and we’ve got the experts to be able to help our clients,” he says. “It gives us the ability and willingness to litigate a case to try to get the best results for the client.”

A native Oklahoman, Cain initially intended to have a career in the petroleum industry. He received an undergraduate degree in petroleum land management from the University of Oklahoma in 1983, but he graduated at a time when the industry was depressed and worked in other fields before deciding to go to law school. Given the success he has achieved as a plaintiff’s attorney, he considers that decision to be one of the best he has ever made.

Cain Law Office

Personal injury attorney Monty Cain has dedicated his career to standing up for the rights of injured people and their families. For more than 20 years, he has fought for maximum compensation for deserving clients who are struggling to cope after life-changing accidents.

In building Cain Law Firm, Monty has hand-picked a talented team of attorneys and legal staff to provide top-notch customer service in a wide variety of practice areas.