Sam Cannon

Firm: Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC
Location: Cheyenne - WY

  • 109 E. 17th St., Suite 5401
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • Tel : 307 633 9100
  • Fax : 307 633 9103

I’m a trial lawyer who wants to help my clients recover. To do that, I work with my clients and staff to develop a unique strategy for each case. The process starts with the initial client meeting. In that meeting, my goal is to get to know you and your goals for your case. Once we really understand what you want, my staff and I will use our knowledge and experience to develop and execute a plan to reach those goals. Along the way, we make sure you understand how what we’re doing is helping us reach your goals. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all game plans. Instead, I believe each case is as unique as each client. To make sure I am able to devote enough time to each case, I limit my caseload. That way, I have time to find the best path to your goals in your case.

I represent individuals. I’ve found that the legal system isn’t designed to help people. It’s designed to help the bottom limes of corporations and insurance companies. People can get lost in the maze of procedure and buried by the expense of a case. I want to help you fight back. I use my knowledge and experience to even the playing field. Once the company of the other side knows they can’t push you around, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Personal injury and employment cases get me out of bed in the morning. When I get to the office, I know I’m going to spend my day helping individuals fight back against a system designed to silence their voices. I want to tell your story and help your recover.

Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC

At Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC, our personal injury lawyers want to help you recover. We’ve developed a team-centered approach to personal injury cases. Our attorneys, staff, and clients work together to achieve more than any of us could achieve alone. Because we believe our clients deserve the best, we use everyone’s skills to deliver the best. Your case will have a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers and paralegals working to achieve the results you deserve. When you hire Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to set goals then develop and execute a unique strategy for your personal injury case. Contact us today if you need our help.
Our firm was founded in 2014 as a solo practice operating out of another lawyer’s office. Since then, our dedication to our clients and determination to achieve the best has allowed us to grow into a firm with six personal injury lawyers working to help clients recover.
We apply our entrepreneurial mindset to our cases as well as our business. When it will help our clients, we work with other lawyers, doctors, and expert witnesses to achieve our clients’ goals. If your case requires an out-of-the-box solution, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.