Terrence M. Connors

Location: Buffalo - NY

  • 1000 Liberty Building 424 Main Street
    Buffalo, NY 14202
  • Tel : (716) 852-5533
  • Fax : (716) 852-5649

Terrence M. Connors has been recognized by his peers as one of the pre-eminent trial attorneys in the state. For the past seven years, he has been ranked as the number one lawyer in all upstate New York by Super Lawyers magazine. This year, the Erie County Bar Association named him Lawyer of the Year and, in 2006, the New York State Bar Association awarded him the prestigious Attorney Professionalism Award.

He is a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Membership in that organization is by invitation only and limited to one percent of the lawyers in each state. Mr. Connors is also a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Membership in that organization is also by invitation and limited to a total of 500 trial lawyers in the United States. He is listed in The Best Lawyers In America® in seven separate categories: Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Bet the Company Litigation, Criminal Law, and White Collar and Non-White Collar.

Terry has always been an aggressive and proactive advocate. He started his career at one of Buffalo’s largest law firms, quickly demonstrating his abilities as he was elected managing partner at the young age of 35. But Terry came to see that the big firm structure was hindering his ability to respond quickly and decisively to his clients’ needs. He had a vision of building a leaner, more efficient firm to improve the work he could do for his clients. His vision was to form a litigation boutique – a compact firm composed of the best and brightest litigators, freed from large firm constraints, and devoted entirely to providing litigation services. CONNORS LLP represents the realization of that vision – one that Terry continues to shape and direct.

Did You Know? Terry was a standout high school basketball player while growing up in Queens, even going head-to-head on the court with Lew Alcindor, who became more famously known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during his Hall of Fame career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. Terry went on to star in basketball at Canisius College alongside eventual Buffalo Mayor Anthony Massiello.


CONNORS LLP is a litigation firm that embodies the best qualities of the Buffalo-Niagara region itself: tenacious, adaptable, ready for hard work, and committed to its causes. Practicing those homegrown values has made our firm into one of nationwide influence. Fulfilling the vision of the remaining founding partner, Terrence Connors, who left his position as managing partner of a larger firm in 1986 to co-found his own, CONNORS LLP draws on the country’s top legal talent, practices in venues across the United States, and services both local and national clients.

CONNORS LLP is not an ordinary litigation firm, because our work is far from ordinary. Recognizing that high-stakes litigation is never routine, CONNORS LLP was built to adapt to whatever challenge confronts our client—no matter the adversary, complexity of the case, or legal issue involved. In every matter, CONNORS LLP’s primary objective is the development of legal strategies that win.

This approach has proven successful beyond our greatest ambitions. It has earned CONNORS LLP a reputation as a firm of talented trial and appellate lawyers prepared to battle for its clients in both civil and criminal matters, regardless of the state, federal, or administrative forum. Our flexibility allows us to handle matters ranging from the litigation of complicated business disputes, to the prosecution of claims for victims of catastrophic injuries, to the representation of executives and corporations targeted by criminal investigations. Most rewardingly, CONNORS LLP’s approach has attracted clients as diverse and exceptional as the firm’s skills.

Perhaps the most telling indicator of the value we bring to our engagements is the fact that fellow attorneys and judges often come to us for help when they themselves need representation.

Like all of our clients, they understand that whatever their problem, CONNORS LLP will respond with an approach tailored to their individual needs.

We welcome you too, to trust your toughest legal challenges to CONNORS LLP.